Looking for someone to build script

looking to find programmer to incorporate sketchup into my ecommerce site to help graphically build sets of lattice for customers.I have been using sketch for several years and design most of my cabinet work with it on a 2d basis. But this is beyond my capabilities. Are there programmers out there that can make plugins to do what I’m asking on my site? any interested in talking further?? is this a possibility? I have seen other sites using Sketchup as a basis then incorporating their product visuals into it.


I am not 100% sure what you need. Do you want to embed 3d models to your site? For example the 3d Warehouse provides an embed code for your site.

to be honest im not entirely sure either. I am looking for someone to help me be able to put together a simple program using sketchup as the basis and do a drag and drop type procedure of my sketchup models to create new configerations of my product. It is basically a running fence that has interchangeable parts if that makes sense. and the customer would pick a design and drop it into the sketchup space next to another design to create what they wanted.