Embedding a model on an internal webpage

Hi There,

Just wondering if anyone has managed to do this and could give me some advice. I want to produce an estate map of equipment used in my workplace. Our assets tend to get moved around a bit and would like to produce a model that various teams can use to find out where assets are.

As this information is not for viewing by the general public I’d like to put it on our internal web portal. Is there a way to do this so that it can be viewed through a browser?




very brief comment here just to point you down the road a bit… (and probably not far enough)

Upload the model onto the 3D Warehouse. . . from there you have the option to “<> Embed” to either a thumbnail, or 3d viewer format.

security settings (for what’s available) can be set when you upload the model to the warehouse – i think ??

my.sketchup in combination with Trimble connect could do the job. The only way to access privatly in the 3D warehouse is that you log in with the same accountinfo (google or trimble) set the model ‘private’

The interactive request has been asked here several times in the past.

For static images, File > Export > 2D Graphic
… and choose am HTML compatible format. (PNG, JPG, SVG, etc.)

And BTW, you profile says your using Make ? IMO, this is a commercial use per the EULA,… (ie you’re an employee working in a commercial capacity.)

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