Pan, Orbit & Zoom Rendered Model on Web


I would like to be able to present rendered equipment layouts (see image below) on a web page that would allow the viewer to pan, orbit and zoom the model. Hope one of you sages have a good tool for doing this. I have seen some panoramas that take advantage of WebGL but I am not sure if they provide me the capability to pan and zoom as well as orbit. I also want to be able to render them so that I can get a higher quality than just the SketchUp textures?

Also, can someone share any knowledge of Trimble Connect. Does it provide a way to do these kinds of things?

My goal is to be able to share the rendered models on the web without requiring any type of special software by the viewer.

Here is a sample image. The layouts of this type of equipment can run from about 80’ in length to around 200’ in length and I want the viewer to be able to get a good look at each piece of equipment.

Any feedback will be appreciated.


Publish it to 3DWarehouse, then use the Embed link to share the model, in viewer, on your site.


Dumb Questions:

  1. When you say, “publish it to 3DWarehouse”, is there unlimited access and can I make it private so that only I have access to publishing it?
  2. When you says “use the Embed link to share the model, in viewer, on your site” can you elaborate a little more?

Is there some place where I can go learn a little more about using the 3DWarehouse like this so I do not ask more dumb questions like these? :blush:


When you publish a model to 3DWarehouse, you have the option to make it public or private.

When you click on the Embed tab (which I circled in the image above) you can click on 3D Viewer which will give you a bit of HTML that you can copy and paste to share the model in the viewer.

This is the code that I get when I click:


When I click on Embed, I am getting nothing. I tried it with something I did not upload.


Upload your own file and try.


I did but still get the same results


@TheOnlyAaron I thought embedding was broken by the new render engine?

has it been fixed?



I finally got the model to show up on a web page but:

  1. I had to set the access to Public. Otherwise it told me that I could not view it because I did not have access to it.
  2. All I got to see was a still image with the 3D Warehouse logo
  3. I had to grab the URL and embed it into code like you showed in your previous post

@TheOnlyAaron Even if I get this to work, witch could have some value, I cannot do that with a model that is rendered with a render engine like say Twilight or Thea (as examples). But at this point I want to take one step at a time.


Correct… this will show the SU model as it would exist in my.sketchup.


Uuuuhhh… Let me check on that…


Even when I can view the model from the warehouse, I cannot pan, orbit or zoom. It is just showing an image of the model.

Do I need to do something different to make it view in 3D on my web page?

If I set the model up as private so that others cannot see or download it, how do I make it available on my web page for others to view?


You have to click on the stillshot to load the WebGL viewer. (You’ll see a “Techie-Cookie Joke” whilst it is loading, like “Warming Up the Large Hadron Collider …”, along with the SketchUp icon centered in the view while it’s loading.)


Thanks Dan. The first part is my mistake. I did not click on the 3DViewer link to get the right code for my web page.

However, I think the real problem is that even on the 3D Warehouse page, I cannot view my model in the 3D mode. When I go to My Collection and the click on the orbit icon, I am getting this error:

Do I need to do something special when I upload the model in order to make it available in the 3D mode?

My next issue will be to make the model private and then embed it on my web page. I do not want others to be able to download it but will want it available for viewing on our web pages.


Does run on your machine ?

I juist tried your model (found by searching on “nxtdave”) and it took a few minutes for the model to load into the webGL viewer, but it worked, and I have a very old OpenGL 2.1 low end notebook.


I have not tried my.sketchup…

Did you see the error message? I have seen it on some models but some I can view fine. The model is about 9 Mb.


I ask because,, the 3DW viewer, and both Mobile Viewers apps now all use the same webGL viewer.

NO. I said …[quote=“DanRathbun, post:15, topic:34959”]
I juist tried your model (found by searching on “nxtdave”) and it took a few minutes for the model to load into the webGL viewer, but it worked, and I have a very old OpenGL 2.1 low end notebook.

In addition, it was a little slow orbiting, and all the textures (or maybe faces) disappeared until I let up on the orbital drag. Sometimes it took a few seconds to re-render the faces, after I stopped.


Well, I think the problem is that I am using the Microsoft browsers (which I think most of our customers would be using). I tried it with Chrome and it worked. The only problem there is the same thing I see a lot in SketchUp when I pan or obit the model there is a lag when it is displayed.

I know a lot of people on these forums do not like and use the Microsoft browsers but a ton of the business community still use it and I must be able to display the pages so they will work in them.


Okay, now I see the error popup, trying with MSIE 11.

The problem with this is that MSIE is not fully webGL compliant, and may never be. It is unlikely any of the IE versions will get any more updates. They’ve just moved on to Edge.

If Chromeframe is still available, that would be your only workaround to display that <iframe> from the Trimble 3DW, within a ChromeFrame, within your webpage, in MSIE.


Well I just tried my.SketchUp and it worked. Not sure I like it though and how do you get any plugins to work with it?

I am going to give the Sketchfab plugin a try. Looks like it might be the best alternative. Everything seems to work find over there and other pages that use WebGL seem to work. Just seems to be a problem on the Trimble product sites. But then that is just my jaded opinion. :slight_smile: