Interactive Options to add to my company website?

Hi guys,

I am in need of a way to upload my Sketchup models to my company website. I am wanting to create 3D models in Sketchup, and have a tool that will allow potential clients to go onto my company website, see what models I have, and rather than the walkthrough be led by me, be completely interactive, and they can walk around in the rendered model via my website. I have been unsuccessful finding anything similar to this, and am not tech savy enough to create something to incorporate this.

Please help!!!

Easiest way is to upload to 3D Warehouse and paste embed link in your site. Explained here:

Just tested it on my site and works great. I like that there is a sidebar tab that lets you select the models scenes, etc.

Walking around a “rendered” model is a different story. You could export a series of rendered 360 degree views. Most rendering plugins do this. It’s not totally interactive as you’re locked to each vantage point and can look around from there. Example:

You can take this method further by linking together multiple 360 views into a ‘virtual tour’…you’d need another program to do that. Something like this:

Once you figure out what works best for you, come back and share your result with us!

*edited, I haven’t tried this but look at SketchFab as well. I added an embed to the 3D Warehouse embed test page above.

Thank you so much! I will do some research and see what we end up using!!

Hi BK2018,

Enscape have just added a web standalone to its features. You can embed the url of the rendered model to your page.

just tried it on a spare page of my website and it looks ok …embed test

I used a really heavy model that needs some work to see how it coped, it would probably load faster with a smaller model…(obj of building with stairs added in sketchup)

the link below is how it looks before embedding the page.
stand alone test

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loaded fine, but how did you creat the model – is it a lidar scan?

HI gsharp,
the obj is created with a Matteroprt camera, its not accurate enough for manufacturing dimensions (use flexijet for site measurements) but is good for documenting site conditions and showing clients products before manufacturing

I don’t seem to see anything but sky and ground.

are you opening on mobile phone ?

may not open properly, not tried it yet

No, on a computer.

strange ? may be web browser ?

just tried links and seem to work using chrome

edit, just opened on phone which worked but a bit awkward to navigate

I’m on Firefox. I copied and pasted link into Chrome and it did work there. I thought maybe it’s ad blocking in Firefox, like third party cookies, but turning that off didn’t seem to help.

It works for me, but I found enscape trial was too short to really get to grips with it.
I managed to post one render to my page but never went any further due to time constraints for me and the trial finishing.

Enscape is really easy to use for quick rendering and vr