Embed private models

Hi there, I have few private models in my 3D warehouse that I’d like to embed in a website. Sometimes it works and sometimes it gives me an error:

“There was an error displaying the model. OBJECT_NO_ACCESS: Access to Entity with id ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ is forbidden”

am I doing something wrong here?

Are you really sure a model that is private should be able to be embedded on a public website?

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my guess is that when it works, you’re still logged into 3d warehouse. and when you log out, the embed model is trying to access the info but can’t since it’s private.

You can’t embed a private model, why not make the model public?

I want to put the model embedded in my company website for the clients to be able to browse it as an example (in my case of stage productions), but I don’t want my competitors to be able to download it. We are still in the early stages with Sketchup but I’m pushing the management to get on with it and this is an hurdle that won’t make my boss happy. Am I missing something? Is there another way?

3D Warehouse has been (so far) a place for sharing models. If you just need an online viewer to make models viewable but not downloadable, there are a lot of

  • other libraries to host your own 3D viewer application on your webserver and
  • other web services that focus on portfolio sites instead of sharing.

See here for more information: Resources

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Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll give it a try. Would be nice for 3D warehouse to have this feature, for big bucks paying clients at least

Oh, we have LOTS of plans. We’re just saying you can’t do it this way now without doing something out of the ordinary. First, I’d try http://connect.trimble.com/ ; it also handles larger files, and has a 3D viewer.