Animations / layers

When I upload a model to 3D warehouse, only the actual frame is shown - my models are for instructional puposses and it is important fo me that the animation show the process step-by-step (the layers I’ve made in the model).

Is this possible?

Your uploaded model needs to have layers and scenes with the appropriate layersets ON per scene.
Others need to download this model in a new SketchUp instance, not in their currently running instance.

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The webGL viewer in 3D Warehouse has a simplified and optimized representation of the model, appropriate for browsers (it’s not the same as the .skp file). Currently the model data that the web viewer gets does not distinguish geometry by layers, because of this scene animations will always show all geometry.

As Wo3Dan says, you can let people download the .skp model and open it in SketchUp and the animation will display fine.
Or you make copies of the geometry of every scene, arrange them in a row and set up a scene for each. Something like this: Bavarian Column1, Tutorial - Bayerische Säule1, Tutorial | 3D Warehouse