Rendering Question

Hi, I hope you can help. Up until now I have been rendering my models and visuals in sketchup then taking them into photoshop to add shadows and highlights etc. I don’t own any rendering software and work on a Mac laptop.


I would like to learn how to render with realistic finish similar to the photos I have attached above (I hope this is allowed as I don’t know who’s work it is to credit them).
Do you think it is possible to achieve this look with sketchup and photoshop and if so where could I find a tutorial or learning place to get me started.
Many thanks in advance

These images look like they came from a rendering extension such as V-Ray, Lumion or Enscape (just to name a few of many). It’s going to be tough to achieve this level of detail and realism with only SketchUp and Photoshop. The reflections in the glass for example are easy to do in rendering software and difficult if not impossible to get correct in Photoshop alone.

I’d suggest posting some of your current SU to Photoshop views and ask specific questions and we’ll all do out best to help where we can.

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Hi and many thanks for your reply.
Il take you up on your suggestion to post some of my work and ask questions. Thanks again.

Why not to go ahead and get a free rendering addon like Twilight Render and use it with your models?

Hi - thank you for suggestion. Just had a look at twilight renders and they look good, will give this a try. :+1: