Twilight Render - new to rendering

Hi, I’m brand new to Twilight and have been watching videos and reading about it, and I have made some improvements to my model so far:

  • changing the whites to slightly off-whites
  • increasing the realism of my drawing by adding door reveals
  • making a specific glass material for rendering
  • adding lights
  • adding space for natural light

I’m still not getting the results I want. I tried registering to ask on the Twilight Forum but they flagged me as a spammer and banned me during the registration process for some reason.

Is anyone able to take a quick look at my model and my resulting render and let me know if anything stands out to you as an error I am making?

The inside of the cabinet looks pretty good but the outside looks so flat.


Lurie Wine Unit - 9_28_23.skp (5.0 MB)

Nathan, here’s you modified model. You’ll be able to see how I set the lighting up for Twilight. Ended up using a Sky Portal behind the camera and three point lights in ceiling cans in front of the casework. Lots of ways the lighting could be set up but chose this as it’s pretty straightforward and renders pretty quick. Changed out the textures in the model for testing. Had quite a mess going on. Raw geometry had been textured and then the group or component was textured over that with something different. Was easier to just start fresh. Did some minor adjustments to the wine case including beveling the various edges. Most edges should be beveled for rendering. Replaced the bottles and such with my own models. Not sure where you got the ones you used but most weren’t going to give good results. For rendering things like glasses and bottles need to be modeled with proper thickness to look give a nice image… if you have questions feel free to ask. Also posting a quick test render.

Lurie Wine Unit_test.skp (4.2 MB)


Wow that looks amazing! I also saw your message, thank you.

  • How did you start fresh with the textures? Did you have to go into each one and re-select the default color, or is there a fast way to clear all?
  • I don’t see any bottles in the model, are they on a layer I can’t see?
  • How did you build these cabinet doors?
  • How did you apply this bevel to everything?

This is all very helpful already, I really appreciate it!

Thank you Chuck!

Glad it was helpful. I’ll try to answer your questions if I can. I wasn’t sure of the exact results you were looking for so I sort of “winged” somethings as I went along.
Over all I eliminated the door/window to the left side. Wasn’t sure what you wanted there. It’s modeled like a sash window but you had it sitting on the floor like a door. So I hid it and filled the opening for simplicity sake.
When I saw that a lot of the glassware and bottles weren’t modeled the best for rendering I just deleted them. Purging the model got rid of textures associated with what was deleted. When I realized the texturing was pretty messed up (applying a material with the group/component open for editing) and then applying another material without opening the groups/components I ended up just deleting the materials in the material window and retextured everything . It was easier and faster.
A few comments about the models I deleted. I assume you download most of them out of the warehouse. A lot of the glass wasn’t modeled with real world thickness. For glassware and bottles to render well they need to have that thickness. Most of the bottles and glasses only had 12 segments around the circumference. For the distance you’re viewing them from 24 segments would render much smoother looking. No need to go any higher number of segments unless you’re planning to render very up close scenes. Also some of the glasses had unneeded details that really aren’t necessary for the distance they’re being viewed at.
Now about the render lighting. The sky portal is an efficient way to get outside light into your room while helping to reduce render times. The render engine doesn’t have to do as much calculation with where the outside light is supposed to go. If I had kept the door in place I would have placed a sky portal over that also. You also could have just used various Twilight point lights in the room if it was totally enclosed with no windows. F.Y.I. I ran the render on Twilight’s Easy10 setting.
I beveled the various edges of the cabinet using the Fredo6 plugin RoundCorner. Also I redrew the trim moulding. You had 24 segments in the curved part and I reduced it down to 12 segments. More than enough for that viewing distance. Also created small gaps between the individual cabinet doors. In the real world the edges of the doors aren’t going to be hard up against one another. Opened the doors for editing and did a left right selection of just the door edge and moved it the desired distance.
I deleted the texture I used on the floor (sharing it would violate the use agreement with the company I purchased it from). Also deleted my various bottles and glasses models. Just not comfortable sharing those around.
If you have more questions feel free to ask.

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