Alternative to Twilight Render

Twilight was sunsetted yesterday, which is super frustrating. I’ve been using the Hobby version for years and have a large model built with textures assigned, etc.The paid version is still being supported, but my hobby version doesn’t seem to work. I’m trying to find an alternative program that is quick and easy to learn. I’ve tried a few options that are just too advanced to learn in my very limited time frame. I downloaded D5 with high hopes, but my graphics card just misses the minimum.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Although it is just in alpha stage you might be interested in trying RayScaper. Here is a link to their thread n the SketchUcation forum. Rayscaper Free Alpha Version Available • sketchUcation • 1

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Thanks, I will check it out

I think Enscape or Twinmotion are perhaps the easiest for achieving decent results with not a too steep learning curve.

SimLab Composer is worth a look

Brighter 3D is a great engine.

An installed version of Twilight shouldn’t stop working, they are not selling new licenses so you can’t install it in a new version but your old one should still function.

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I know that they’re continuing to support the paid version. As of yesterday, certain features in my hobby version weren’t functioning. For example, my emitters were working as usual, but I was unable to create new lights. Once inserted into my model, they would just disappear. If you have ideas, I’d love to hear them.

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

No sure what to say, I have no issues using the hobby version or the pro version. I’ve just now tested creating lights and no issues in 2022, 2023 and I even installed it in 2017 to check, no issues. It is essentially a plugin, once installed it is independent of the homebase.

It makes sense about it being independent of the homebase.

Thank you for looking into this. I really have no idea what the issue could be. I have lights in this model that I created before. I can highlight them, manipulate them, etc. The new lights, like I said, just disappear after the third click. I’ve never had this problem, but I appreciate you taking the time to play around with it. I’ll try looking at it again. It’s good to know that yours still works.

Share the .skp file. I expect there’s something in the way you have things set up that is responsible.