Does (the now discontinued) Twilight Render work with SU 2023?

I recently upgraded to Sketchup Pro 2023 (ugh, those awful icons) and am not able to get Twilight Render to load. I realize that Twilight Render is discontinued but does it work with SU2023? If so, I’d like to get it running until I find an alternative rendering software. Any suggestions for alternatives? Preferably free or cheap.

Yes it works with SU 2023.

What do you mean “you can’t get it to load”….

When I use the Twilight installer it doesn’t give the option to install it to SU2023. It does not show up in the Extensions menu. It is still loaded and working in SU2022.

Assuming you were using Twilight V2 Pro. Suggest you try this…. Go to Twilight’s website and download the latest version of Twilight. Open the Extension manager in SU 2023 , click the install extension button and go to wherever you saved the Twilight download, select it and follow the prompts. You have to quit SU2023 and reopen it before you will see it in the extension manager and get the Twilight toolbar. Also you might have to copy your Twilight license info from your older SU version into SU2023.

I am using the Hobby version. That worked. The Twilight installer I had on my computer was either outdated or corrupt. Re-downloading it from their website allowed me to choose to install it to SU2023. Thank you.

Looking to the future, what do you all recommend for a free or inexpensive renderer that runs in Sketchup? I don’t want to deal with two separate programs.

You might take a look at D5Render. I understand they have a free version.

I would continue with Twilight as long as it works on your machine and download a replacement and practice with in spare time until you get comfortable with it. Just a thought.

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I will check D5 out. Thank you.

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me too!

Also, … Rayscraper is in Beta Alpha …


Thanks for sharing. I will keep an eye on Rayscaper. For now, I need to rely on fully developed software.

Before getting the studio version I was using an engine called Brighter 3D, it offers a perpetual license with all future updates for free for just $175, it’s a lot better than twilight cause it has ray tracing feature, it’s also a cpu based engine so you don’t need a gpu to use it like with D5.

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I’m still using Brighter 3D…I switched from Twilight. It’s latest version 4.4.1 is SU 2023 compatible. The image I just posted of minion Dave was rendered in Brighter, using an environment map of an airport.


Have you tried Enscape ?
We like it…

Podium still seems to be alive and developing.

Yes, I did demo Enscape. I like the simplicity but didn’t care for its rendering style.

Out of curiosity, what was it you didn’t like about Enscape’s style?

Actually, looking at it online now and it looks pretty good. Someone demoed it for me a few years ago and I wasn’t impressed. Could have been how he was using it. I’ll keep it on my list!

Ok, yes, I guess it’s not for everyone, a bit like TwinMotion that got on my nerves after a while…