Rendering for SU 2018/2019

I am looking for a Rendering extension, which is free or to buy with a decent price. Thank you.

Although not an extension, Kerkythea is available for free.

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Personally, I use the free version of Twilight Render.


SimLab Composer has a free version to use (1080 res) for any purpose and the Pro is only $199 USD. Also has a plugin for SU connection.


Thank you!

The BIG News this week was that TwinMotion was acquired by Unity and is now offered for Free till November this year. Sounds like worth taking a look for many of us.



Any idea what will be the situation after November. Assume it will no longer be free, but will those who get it now still be able to use it after that date, or will you then have to buy into it?

edit, just found this:

Epic is making the software free until November. In a press release, the company said that anyone who downloads Twinmotion before the end of the promotion can keep using it forever without having to pay royalties.

News to date say you get to keep the free version for life. Upgrades opens up questions for Fees/Price. There’s also a RUMOR that Unity is considering a Low/Free price tag after November but that’s all SPECULATION.

I downloaded but I cannot open any types of files including SU, DXF… it gives this message" 1

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What are you trying to do? Open the SketchUp file in Kerkythea? You should read the Getting Started Guide available from the link on the front page. You’ll also need to install the SketchUp to Kerkythea extension, also linked to on the main web page. (They have it labeled in reverse as Kerkythea to SketchUp.)

When you get to the Downloads page you’ll see the link for the extension.

Here is a SU to SimLab example I have been working on. Model in SU, click on the transfer to SimLab “button”. It opens in SimLab, you apply some materials and hit F4.



Well, the latest commercial version of TM didn’t open SU2019 files, so probably you have to downsave to 2018 or earlier.

I just installed TM. It will open a SU 2019 file.

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Is TW the same as TM? For me it does crash when importing SKPs that I think pre-date 2019. .FBX imports nicely.

I’ll double check what version SKP I was trying.

TW was a typo.
I just saved a file as a 2016 version, it imported.

TM (Twin Make) should be available for ever and ever! Like when it was from Google🤪

Thank you so much for the support, but I cannot locate Kerkythea rendering in SU Plugin.

Then there’s the Learning Curve to deal with. Another Free Entry Level Option to evaluate might be:


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Great news about TwinMotion. I will be trying it later today!

Apart from that I tried every other renderer mentioned in this thread (and a few other) and I was particularly interested in photorealistic results (some render engines give more “game like” results, but can be much faster). Like you I wanted something free or cheap.

My conclusion was Twilight Render, either the free (hobby) version, or the paid version which is just $99, or Indigo if you don’t mind a limited resolution and a logo at the bottom right for using it for free

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Thank you. It is only $99 :slight_smile: