Rendering for SU 2018/2019

Yup; the Unrestricted version = $99. B3D might not offer control found on more complex rendering tools but Photo-Real is a specialized niche of its own. I invest 95% of the time modeling SKP. Entry-Level rendering solutions seem to fulfill my needs.

You’re Welcome and Best Wishes.

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“* May not be used for commercial work.” :wink:

The OP didn’t specify if that was important. I am guessing that for commercial work the resolution limit and logo overlay would be an issue as well.

True they (OP) did not and it might not matter to them.

Twinmotion was acquired by Epic Games, not Unity. The free version will be available until November 2019, after that you can keep using it for free forever. The new release will be a paid version.
Here is an official FAQ:

to clarify, the cited Twilight Render Hobby version can be used for commercial purposes.

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Thanks as ALWAYS /s but I was referring to the linked indigo render

The best render that is highly unknown is it is so quick and easy to learn. I use it professional as I get better result than using vray and a load of other sketch-up extensions and plugin.


Indigo also sells Indigo RT for 149 euros, which is a simplified version of the full Indigo Renderer.

Depends what you want the Renderer for -

  • the most realistic images possible including those with atmospherics, refraction, customised paint effects, etc. (get Indigo)
  • the quickest, cheapest, easiest way possible way to get ‘decent’ looking images from Sketchup (get Twilight)
  • realtime capabilities , VR, etc, as well? (get Enscape)
  • a capable renderer with a big support base to make learning and obtaining assets easier? (get VRay)
  • a rendering package you can progress into building interactive environments? (get Twinmotion)

Thank you!

best i have found and i use it professionally is, it is quick to learn and faster than V-ray