Rendering plugins free for SketchUp PRO 2021

Hi, many plugins don’t include Pro 2021, any free ones that are good?

Thank you!

I already gave you an example of a free one, Kerkythea, that works fine in SketchUp 2021. Technically it’s a stand alone application but it has an extension, SU2KT that works in SketchUp for adding lights and other details and then exports to Kerkythea.

Despite it not being updated to show that it works in SketchUp 2021, it does. I showed you two examples including one that was done today.

I did do that, but cant see it on SketchUp, after downloading, nor in the extension manager

Kerkythea is a stand alone application. Did you download and install SU2KT? That the extension for SketchUp.

Oh yes, I just saw that, thank you!

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I like that LightUp is instant, anyone know any instant light renderings please?

FWIW and for anyone else who might come along, here’s an example of a model done in SU2021 being rendered in Kerkythea. The image of the render is while it is in progress.

I think you’ll have to pay for that.

good point, in the mean while, I have been waiting for it to appear in the new software with this notice
Is this normal?

Enscape and Twinmotion are two “instant” game-engine based renderers that work with SketchUp. Enscape is at the moment Windows only. Neither is free.

If you are trying to render that model you shared yesterday, that seems reasonable. Any renderer will be slower with hat model because of all the excess geometry it’ll have to deal with. We’ve told you about that already. A rendering application isn’t going to compensate for that.

Thank you everyone, Enscape looks great, I will see its student discounts.

Not a plugin but a standalone program, Simlab Composer. The free edition has no watermark and maxes out at 1080 resolution.

Another reason why a correctly filled in profile helps us help you. You have not correctly identified your Graphic Card. Endscape is very demanding on graphic cards and will only work with certain ones.

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I am not sure of my graphics card, will need to check that up, but good news for all students, here is a copy of my email to Enscape:

Just to ask, how much would the student discount be?


Thank you for your message.

The student licenses are available free of charge

Would Intel(R) UHD be good enough for this?


System Requirements

Enscape performs its renders using your graphics card (GPU), but the GPU has to have dedicated VRAM, and not shared VRAM as found with Intel Integrated Graphics chips

From here.

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Integrated graphics cards like yours have never been recommended for SketchUp, let alone rendering. Many users do manage to get by modeling in SketchUp as long as they keep their models reasonably light and efficient. Keeping your model light seems to be something you are ignoring, though.