Any Free / Open Lighting Plugins?

I am looking into using Sketchup to light my models.

After searching around I have found that there seem to be two option: LightUp and V-Ray. Both of which cost hundreds of dollars.

Are there any free alternatives I am missing?

Is there a better workflow? Such as importing a model into say Blender or something?

SketchUp does not have light objects, nor true rendering.
It has either Sun angle lighting (with optional shadows,) or light from behind the camera eye.

There are some free renderers that have plugins for SketchUp.

Download it and the latest SketchUp plugin:

I will take a look at that. I saw that the manual on the site was from 2008 so I was unsure if they were still keeping it up.

You had a look at Visualizer?

I had contact last night with Tomasz via Private Message about some bad links to his site.
And he last made an update to the SketchUp plugin last 24 March 2015.

True he might not have released a rev to the app since then, but if there’s nothing to fix ?
I don’t know, I never get around to trying it.

check free Twilight Render hobby version too.