Lighting plugin or not?

Hello. I have downloaded SketchUp PRO 2021 trial version, in order to try it and see if its suitable for me.
I have a problem in lighting. Actually, I can not add any light in my scene.
Do I have to download a plugin? If I do have, I need a free plugin for now. Which one would you recommended?
If its not necessery, How do I add lights in my scene?
Thank you in advance!


  • Twilight Render V2, Hobby , x64 for Windows - Downloads

  • Simlab Composer Lite - downloads

I have already downloaded Twilight Render, but it just gives me the option to edit lights, not to create.
Thank you so much, I ll try Simlab Composer Lite too!

Watch a few tutorials to learn how to use it

Twilight Render

Thank you so much!

It is worth pointing out that Sketchup only has the Sun for lighting so if you want to ‘Add Lights’ it needs to be in Rendering Software. Some of them work as plugins within Sketchup and some work on external exported Sketchup files.
Either way the original Sketchup file remains as a simple Sun oriented bunch of edges and faces.

Thank you. I have heard of Twilight Render but not the other one. However if I had another rendering program such as Thea or VRay, would I still need say Twilight Render?

Also, I am trying to figure out which rendering program I am going to get. There are so many and everyone says the best one is the one they use, so it is impossible to really know. I have looked at Thea and Podium but might do a trial of VRay, although I think it is quite a bit more expensive.

Regards G

Those are different programs, they are not interconnected.

If by ‘you looked’ you mean that you installed the trial versions and for a month you watched tutorials on youtube and then tested and learned, then you should be able to make a decision on your own about choosing one of the programs.

Hi. Oh yes I do know that. I have done some of that. I will figure it out. Thanks