Rendering plugin

Anybody has any experience white Veras rendering?
My goal is to find an easy and free plugin to render interiors. Veras ai looks great but what I don’t want that it (ai)-automatically fills in to much I don’t want. More realistic but not too much demanding. So an easy and quick and at first free plugin (or software).

I did try some in the past but often took al lot of work. Render(in) was great but doest work anymore on pro-2023. Veras really look great and easy.

thanks in advance

I tried Veras but is far form a realistic render plugin. If you want to make easy renders is better to use Twinmotion, is not free but is easy to learn and afordable.

Since i don’t render that much i went for twilight render for about €99 for a perpetual licence.

Update: Unfortunately they “are sun-setting Twilight Render as of January 1st, 2024”.

Thanks. I will look in to it.

Thanks. Had this in the past. Forgot about it.

If you had/have a payed licence, you may be lucky and it is stil active :wink:

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Here are some renders I did with Twinmotion 2022, for a bathroom remodel. I’m a beginner with TM, and in these renders, some of the textures are tweaked Twinmotion textures, and some are plain Sketchup materials without UV/bump data. Quite easy to use. Interface feels almost too minimal. Most of the tweaking was in getting the light levels right.

this one has pretty basic textures but gives you an idea of the interior lighting. I placed TM light objects in the sconces which were modeled in sketchup, and I think I replaced the glass material with a TM material

actual, work in progress

TM is the only renderer I’ve tried. There are a lot of other options for still-image rendering. TM offers real-time rendering, VR, some basic animation. As far as I can tell, the path-traced renders (as shown) only work with still images, while real-time movement happens in a less realistic rendering mode. But maybe I’m wrong and you can export a path-traced video?

PS we went with floor tile #1, with white hexagon shower floor tile, and with the showerhead aimed in a more sensible direction :stuck_out_tongue:

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The trial is free but actual standard product is $49.00 per month. Revit libraries are $995.00 each

Thanks. Looks nice. Gonna check it out.

Good to know! Thanks