Looking for rendering plugin like Visualizer

Hi I’m looking for 3d renderer as similar function as 3d visualizer and not as detailed as Vray. and, compatible for sketchup 2015. anyone here can suggest me some? :thinking:


I work with SU Pro 2015 and had originally started with Visualizer, then switched to Twilight Hobby (the free version). More info here: What is Twilight Render?

It’s probably the least intimidating of the more fully-featured rendering options, and it has ‘auto’ type settings that allow you to generate decent output from the beginning — before you really learn what you’re doing.

As you do develop your rendering skills/knowledge, it is infinitely more capable as a renderer than Visualizer. (Not to mention that it’s still supported.) There are also extensive tutorial and help materials to get you started.

Check it out, I imagine it should meet your needs… without being too daunting to learn and use.


thanks for your preferences, mr db! i appreciate it so much!