Download Twilight Render to 2024 SketchUp Pro

I’ve contacted SketchUp about trying to download Twilight plugin into SketchUp pro 2024. Since it’s not in their extensions they don’t want to allow the download. They told me to come here and someone could help me with getting download. Can someone help me?

You are probably better asking on the twilight render forums

2024 is not listed as supported - probably because the company has stopped selling the software now and it’s all coming to an end.
Its twilight years you might say


I know they are no longer selling their software but they did send me a link to an updated 2024 version for pro. I’m just trying to bypass sketchup’s resistance to install it and I’m not that computer savvy. That’s why sketchup sent me here to find someone who is.

I’ll take a look at it, thanks!

free like your free 2023 version ?

go fix your profile. it’s not the first time someone tells you, there is no free 2023 version.
Chammock wants to install their Twillight render, sending them to another one is not exactly helping. first step would be to try and find a way for them to use twillight render won’t you say ? :wink:

well if they didn’t allow non official extensions, there would be no extensions. :slight_smile:

can you confirm you go to the extension manager, then click on the blue “install” button and pick the file they sent you ? (I know some people try to drag the file in SU, not the proper install)

in the extension manager, if you click on the cog wheel top right, can you confirm that “all extensions” is picked (the third choice) ? that would prevent you from installing stuff from outside of the warehouse, could fix it.

do you get an error message when you try to install ? is it listed in the extension list ?

SketchUp is not resisting your installing Twilight Render Pro 2024 because it is a standalone executable installer. (Ie, it does not use SketchUp’s Extension Manager to install.)

Just go here: 2024 and the Twilight Render Sunset (post 2) - Twilight Render User Forum
… download the (Windows only) installer and run it with SketchUp closed.

Note: It will only work for SketchUp 2024 (using Ruby 3.2) and will not work for older SketchUp versions.

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Thank you for your reply. I’m not computer savvy in the least. I’ve clicked on that link before and it won’t load up. Do I need to right click on it and send it somewhere? If it wouldn’t be asking too much, could you give me step by step instructions? Thanks!

Well then, I suggest you make at least a minimum effort to learn basic computer usage skills.
Your local college or university likely has evening courses often which you can sit in for free (without college credit.) If not, then there are books that teach basic computer skills.

When you click on a download link, it normally downloads a file to your computer.

I am going to assume you have a MS Windows operating system (otherwise you would not be trying to download a Windows application.) So, on Windows platform, files are downloaded to the user “Downloads” folder.

After the download is complete , open the “Downloads” folder and right-click the installer exe file and choose “Run as administrator”.

Then I suggest you follow the installer’s prompts accepting default install location, etc.

If you think this simple operation is beyond you, then hire a local IT service to install it for you.

Thanks Dan, I got it working in SketghUp. Appreciate your time & help!

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Where you able to get Twilight running in SU 2024???

Yes, thank you.

One thing good about Twilight Render You can use the RGB code in the SU material editor to get close to the color in the Rendering but for Twinmotion and Enscape One needs to Eyeball the color.