Looking for a rendering plug-in recommendation to build a pc accordingly

hi there!

I’m looking to start using a rendering plug-in / software, my aim is to render professional furniture and interior designs. I have no prior rendering experience and no plug-in preference since i’ll start from scratch.
I’m also looking to buy a new pc that can handle the job, my pc shop recommended :
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
GPU Palit 2070 Dual 8g

Any Recommendations for a plug in? thoughts about the build?


Indigo Renderer

Thea Render

get lots of RAM, and SSD’s (with PCIE interface preferably)


try learning to go with the free Twilight Render Hobby version first, can be used commercially too.

And don’t forget the ‘market leader’ if evaluating an integrated plugin:


for SketchUp itself do prefer a CPU with a high single-thread performance, the i7-7900K is a pretty good choice out-performing the Ryzen 7 2700X for the single-thread as well as the multi-thread performance important for rendering applications.

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Ask yourself a few more questions as there are more options out there now some are getting better by the day. Do you need to do animations? VR? Do you have high quality furniture and entourage libraries to use or would you need some? Do you have a fixed budget?
Edit: keep in mind that most people on the Forums recommend what they know and are familiar with :wink:

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