Rendering on SketchUp with Twilight render

Hi All,

I would really appreciate some help on setting up the correct lighting for this interior model
( attached) using Twilight render V2.

It’s quite a big model and there is a lot of geometry and displays, so far I’ve spread out 4 point lights in the space with a radius of 70mm and power of 100watts, I have also added some Emitter surfaces to represent light like the backdrop screen ( which shows up as black though… its an image file)
and a few lights on the metal framework. With all these light settings on a preliminary render, which is meant to be the shortest render it’s taking 7 hours ! and its still not correct :frowning:

I cant seem to get this scenes looking bright white like it is in real-life with the 4 point lights, and the more lights I add the framework starts looking grey instead of black. Everywhere it looks grey with the light settings above, I need to be able to render each scene on at least a low render preset without it taking 7 hours per scene. I have like 10 scenes to do :joy:

other info.
post process exposure is 2.6 Gamma 2.1
The environment is spherical sky brightness 1.000 using a background image studio light boxlight, the sun enabled is turned on.

Does anyone have experience with Twilight render V2, that can help me out ?
I will be willing to do 1-2-1, if anyone is interested we can discuss this offer?

many thanks

It’s been a while for me using Twilight, so all I can say is using the different preset rendering settings will give different results with emitters, and be sure to watch the Twilight website lighting tutorial, where they suggest which presets are best for different lighting.

Do you actually have exterior light coming into the space? Time might be cut down by not using an IBL, which may not be adding much to the scene.

Have you tested your various lights? I sometimes test them in a separate file with a super simple scene and see what each light is doing, with no sun, with a given exposure.

You really should post this question on the Twilight forum. Chris and Fletch are very good at responding and giving excellent advice/support.

Hello Aldemar, Twilight Render invites you to join our Twilight Render community forum where you can get the most efficient help with your Twilight-related questions.

It is doubtful that in real life that room would be bright white with only 4 lights. In any physically based render engine it is critical to light a space in a manner that is similar to how it is lit in real life.

Put lights where they would be in real life, and set them to sizes and powers that are realistic.
We recommend for anyone starting out with Twilight, please follow our “6 Essentials for Rendering with SketchUp and Twilight Render Video Series
For specifically lighting, jump to Part 5 of the Twilight Render Tutorial series for lighting your space.
Here is a bit older video that is a bonus Twilight Render Lighting Tutorial for Architecture: Twilight Render Tutorial Interior Lighting For Architects - YouTube and looks something similar to your lighting situation.

(Sketchup community forum currently allows me to share no more than 2 links per post)

Here is Part 2 of that video tutorial for architects focusing on Sky Portals and Natural Light

Black will appear grey at Gamma 2.1 -
Post-processing is critical to a good final image, and works in tandem with lighting and camera settings.
It’s all a system that works together.

After you get control of your lighting skills, please follow our Twilight Render Post-processing video tutorial

Please carefully follow the Twilght Render Preflight Checklist before rendering.

There are some free basic lighting components available to hobby users on our forum in this post to get you started: Can Light and 2x2 or 2x4 Standard Ceilight Light Components - Twilight Render User Forum.

Hi Twilight render,

Thank you for the links. I will see what I come up with.

many thanks

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Yes I’m using the spherical sky on the environment.
I have not… only the point light, and I’ve noticed if I add to many point lights the metal work looks grey instead of black, so I cant use too many lights.


You need to sign up on the Twilight Render forum and take this discussion over there. Thay are a very good support team and respond on a very timely basis.

Look forward to seeing you over there and the progress with your render.

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Your metal is grey because gamma setting in the tone mapping/post-processing of the Render Dialog needs to be improved.
Please follow our video tutorial. On youtube watch v=ppsUYxTOGg4

Hi, I’ve had somewhat of a breakthrough with the lights now, the scenes are less grey and adjusting the exposure and gamma has helped too.

However some of the metal work that was a darker shade of grey looked to light so I changed the material! perhaps there is adjustments to be made but this was a quicker option for now.

I did have further Q’s regarding glass that’s coming out as opaque …but I cant seem to find the
“new topic” option on the forum community despite registering with an account with Twilight.

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