Twilight render displays a black screen

Hi there - I am new to this rendering business so I do not know how all the settings work. I have added a point light to a lamp but when I render I just get a black/brown screen. I have hidden the section cut, reversed faces, turned sun on and off. The note in rendering says “rendering stopped” after about 8-9 seconds. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I had the issue before with another light, but I do not remember what I did to sort it out.

Try the twilight forum and / or Post the model

Thank you for replying pbacot, is this not the forum? I have been looking and searching through the forum, but I cannot see to find anyone posting this topic.Here is the model. It is just a very simple room where I have added a couple of lights.

Hi again, I think I found the solution to my problem - I had saved a scene outside a wall, which was the scene that was being rendered instead of current scene. Rookie problem :crazy_face:

Just for the sake of clarity, this is a Sketchup Forum and some people do use twilight and can often answer questions, But there is a specific Forum for Twilight Users, not part of this one.

Sorry about the confusion. I’m glad the problem was a simple one. I meant the forum done by the Twiight render people. They are very helpful.

And certainly people might be able to help here as well, but they’d need more to go on to figure out what the issue is.

Aha, thank you. Good to know. :+1: