No lights after rendering with Twilight Render 2 (hobby version)

I’ve been encountering a problem while using Twilight Render 2. The renderings come out great but no lights. I’ve checked the tutorials, print and video, and can’t find any specific info as to why my lights are not emitting any light. PEBKAC issue or something else?

Any help greatly appreciated!

The problem is that you can’t see the light sources on the render or that the light sources don’t emit it? these are two different spells. In the second case, renderings can’t look great, especially indoor. If it’s the first case, it’s normal. To see the “light source” you need to create an object and give it the material “Emmisive”

Long time Twilight user. If you post your model I’d be happy to take a look at it. If you do post the model please save a copy back to SU version 2018 to post, as that’s the newest version I have on my computer.