Photorealistic renders

Hey guys!
So I’ve been focusing on my workflow lately. I’d like to make it as efficient and enjoyable in the same time as possible :wink:
I think I’m kinda getting there. I wanted to share my new project with you guys and see if you have any tips to make it even better and more realistic. I’m actually quite happy with the result but still really curious about your opinions if you’d like to share them :slight_smile:


wait, those are renders ? they are clean !
(ofc zooming in, I see it’s 3d but still, it’s clean)

It has a Magazine feel to it, somewhere between “full 3d” and “I paid a home stage and a photograph”.

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Oh that was so freaking nice. Much needed after weeks of getting frustrated while learning on my own mistakes :face_holding_back_tears:

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They are not night time renders and some light coming from windows… Shadows are not looking real in my opinion, especially that dark shadow under the sink… You may think decreasing the light’s intensities… Other than that, nice renders…

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You mean that there should be more light coming from windows? I chose a snowy gloomy winter day as my background so there would be no direct sunrays coming into my bathroom. But I’ll think more about your comment, thanks!

Just curious about what rendering software you used?

Vray :slight_smile:

Very nice work. It takes a lot of effort to get renders looking as nice as yours so well done :+1:

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Wonderful works there.
What my eyes have picked up are:
The strong shadow created by the ceiling lighting onto the walk in shower beam (1st picture). Think it should be really muted, and the angle is rather “off”.
Shadows under the wall mounted basin, and the toilet. Toilet paper holder. The wall mounted mirror (is the shadow needed?) It’s too defined.
The wood panels are too ‘2D’. It lacks depths on the slats.

Don’t let my artistic eyes let your efforts down at all, in fact they are great!