First Vray Render, looking for Feedback/Critique

I made this model off the floorpans of my current home, and this is my fist attempt at V-Ray or any rendering ever actually. Long time CAD user/industry so totally different feel getting used to drawing lines/surfaces in Sketchup, now freelancing and teaching my self Skethup and V-Ray. I realize the driveway and grass don’t blend well with my HDRI and I am not crazy about the plants/landscaping. ANY and all tips and suggestions appreciated, mostly looking for feedback on the rendering job/settings. Thanks!

The perspective is strange and it looks like it’s been overlaid on a photo of an empty field. The angle of the shadows doesn’t seem to work with the background image.

ok yea thanks, I just picked a random spherical HDRI image, doesn’t look right with the model, agreed.

Firstly, when you use an HDRI, you usually should turn off the SketchUp sun. That way the lighting comes from the HDRI and matches the background.

Second, the glass windows can use a bit stronger reflection value.

Third, the grass would benefit from using VRAY fur or something else like Skatter.

Here’s a post I did recently about a few simple steps to improve VRAY renders: Sketchup plus Vray

Otherwise nice first attempt. Way better then when I first started learning version 1.5 a while back.

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İt looks like Sims 4 .