Villa Render With V-Ray for SketchUp

Two villas. One for guests and the other for residence. Design and rendered by me. Made with #SketchUp and #VRay

Quick tip #1: When taking those kinds of shots always set your camera as a two-point perspective.

Quick tip #2: Pool water without activity can be mimicked using a reflective plain. Add bump or displacement for waves and inside pool activity.

Have a nice summer!

two-point perspective.


That’s pretty impressive.

I do have one question though since I am thinking of getting into rendering more.

You have distinct shadow lines suggesting the sun is out yet it looks like the kind of light you get on an overcast day. Is that to do with time of day or colour of light?

The birds in the sky are a nice touch. And the billowing curtains.


Thanks so much!
Actually, the whole atmosphere is being inherited by the HDR image. Since I used an HDRI that was taken in an overcast day with an upper layer of clouds, it was then referenced to the render.

If you are thinking about getting into this world, you can use my eBook to get yourself a fresh quick start. It has everything you’ll need to know to get some serious rendering practice.


I’ll bear that in mind. Not sure at present whether to start with Podium or V-Ray. I know V-Ray is the more serious of the two but also more expensive and possibly harder to learn.

Might be, but I think that you should concentrate efforts on the best render engine instead of compromising in the future on quality and results.
Plus you have tons of knowledge out there as well as the eBook.

An attempt to see a preview of the book presented the message:


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Thanks for that!
All sorted out. You may use the same to get a copy:

Very nice! Great trees and grass too.

Thanks so much. That’s actually V-Ray grass made using V-Ray fur. Trees are from Globe Plants

I’ve been using Podium and keep thinking about V-Ray. Other people have done work work with Podium that puts me to shame, but, as a photographer, I feel like I want more photography like controls for rendering.

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Vray. Total control

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As a photographer, you should use V-Ray as this will be the most coherent solution for the real-world physical camera!
V-Ray has advanced parameters such as ISO, shutter speed, F-number, and Bokeh which allows us to get full control over our 3d scene.
Here’s an example of how we examine light and lens effect with V-Ray for SketchUp (That is also featured on my eBook):

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Wow, that looks amazing! I nned to learn how to do renderings like that. =)

You can easily

The book does look really good- will there be a hard-copy available soon? Call me old fashioned, but I’d prefer flicking between pages, leaving both screens free for work?


Hey ftacarpentry1,

Unfortunately due to the situation today it is unlikely that we will convert the book as a print edition. There are too many failure points for the book to reach you.
I recommend going for the PDF edition, which you receive immediately after purchase, and of course, contains important links and very easy navigation in the document.
In a printed book it is not possible to search for a word with Ctrl + f :slight_smile:
Wish you the best of luck.

Kerkyhtea - completely free and quite powerful. Also lots of learning was my experience. You’ll need the SU to kerkythea plugin if you’re using SketchUp.

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