Sketchup 2017 + Vray 3 ... Advice please :)

Hi, :slight_smile:

I am new to all of this forum stuff. I have recently upgraded to sketch 2017 and V-ray 3, for those who use it, it has changed a fair bit.

I am trying to produce an outdoor render (attached below). Let me first say I am still having troubles with this upgrade, as it keeps crashing and BugSplats at least 4 times a day. I am currently trying to sort this out via the company I got it from.
Anywho… With this render something just doesn’t seem right. For 1 whenever I change the poistion of the Dome light my shadows don’t change (everything else does, but not the shadows and yes the sun is turned off)

I was wondering if anyone has got any other tips I could try to make this look 1000x times better, I know a lot of this is done post render in Photoshop (like the sea for example) but anything will help at this stage. :slight_smile:

Thank you!!

Welcome to the community, Alice.

I will preface this by saying, I don’t use Vray so I don’t know the answer to this question but isn’t a dome light omni directional surrounding the model? I would expect it to provide lighting like a solid, high overcast outdoors with no directional shadows. Woudln’t you need to turn on the sun to get some directional shadows?

@DaveR Thank you that worked, such simple things can be missed. I am sure the tutorials say it should be turned off :thinking:

Have you got any other suggestions on how to make this better?

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Nice work.

It would make sense to turn off the sun if you want very even lighting without defined shadows. That seems more like a studio environment, though.

As for other suggestions, I guess I’d need to see your image larger than I can see it on my phone. I’ll look when I get home…

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Your tutorials are correct. Sunlight must be turned off when you’re using V-ray Dome Light. Because if you don’t , you get 2 different ‘sun source’ which causes -depending on your scene- 2 different angled shadows (see below image).

Check this official V-ray tutorial demonstrating dome light (after 4:50). [Check this for written version]

Also i think you should improve your water, vegetation and sand in this render.
1- Water must be refractive and reflective at the same time (or just transparent to lower render times). Try to use preset Vray water materials and observe/adjust their parameters. (Don’t forget the sand underneath sea when you make sea slightly transparent)
2- Trees look repetitive on the background, try to blend them in the scene and use more tree variations (scale, rotate etc. as well). Also looks like their materials are not best (green parts), try tweaking them as well.
3- Sand could be better with some blend materials, displacement or bump map (similar to water but without refraction or reflection). And note that displacement & bump maps increase render times a lot.
4- Add some humans in Photoshop? :upside_down: and maybe a bit foam where sea meets the shore.
5- Also you can try some shots with different angles, make use of depth of field in camera settings.

Hi @filibis
I thought as much but the dome light itself isn’t giving me the effect of what I want… if keeping the sunlight on works for some reason then i will keep it on. I will watched your tutorials though thank you :slight_smile:

1- I know the sea looks pants here, I was planning to do that more in photoshop. Again will look at the link you have given and see if I can make that work (still new to V-ray and self taught)
2 - Tree’s are a difficult one, I have an image the client wants it to look like, which has all of the same trees in the background & foreground. Also this is suppose to be in St Lucia and only one type of palm tree grows so close to the coast line (made the mistake of putting in the wrong tree’s before) so that is why it looks repetitive. As for the materials how do I tweak that as they are pre-made.
3 - The sand does have displacement and bump maps. You just cant see if from that far away, I will try and get some different views & closer to show that. From that far away in real life you wouldn’t really see much displacement.
4 - I might client doesn’t tend to like humans in renders. Foam is a must and was planning this.
5 - Going to :slight_smile:

Thank you

@filibis here is a closer version of the sand

Final render before photoshop.


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