Vray Render setting

Just I started my learning of sketchup. I created a dining room with some advices of some people here.
when I going to render my scene, I didn’t get the realistic view and lighting problem. I saw many tutorials, but can’t get the point. I used white material for walls. but when I render, I unable to get the exact white wall.
Here I attached the file. please someone edit the file and give me a good render setting. with that edited file please explain the mistake I made. I can learn from that one. please someone help me.

What I expect:

But what I got (low quality render image):

Skp file:

thank you.

You should post your rendering so we can compare what your rendering looks like next to the two example renderings you shared.

Also…keep in mind that SketchUp itself takes a little while to master and V-Ray takes just as long on top of that. If you’re new to both SketchUp and V-Ray then it will take some time and practice to get the quality result you’re looking for. Don’t be discouraged, keep at it.