What can I do to make this render better?

Hi everyone,

First, I hope you are all well! Crazy times…

I was wondering if any of you can help me make this render better, this is my first try with Sketchup 2019 and Vray next. The wall are blotchy, there is still a little noise and the reason the photo is such low quality is because it is a screenshot. I will attach what happens after I save the photo when I finish rendering.

Thanks in advance.

Basically there is IMO nothing wrong with the render. The materials in the bedding might be changed to something a little less plasticky. And the lighting is something that the house cleaner turns on to be able to eliminate every little speck of dust, but not something you want to see when preparing for bed.

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Thank you very much for your feedback! You are definitely right, sometimes you need another eye to see what you’re missing.

Thanks again!