Tips on improving render quality

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. I was wondering if anyone could kindly share some tips to help me improve the quality of my renders. I’ve encountered some challenges in achieving the best results, and I’d appreciate any assistance. I’ll upload the render settings I’ve used. (Dont mind the materials, I was just playing around with maps) Thank you all for your valuable help!

Looking at your rendered image with my photogrpaher’s hat on, what I see reminds me of slightly underexposed film. I would reduce the contrast range between the sunlit parts of the model and the shadowed areas. Increase the interior lighting intensity.

I find the reflection on the windows of the accent light at the top of the wall distracting because it’s in the same line. I’d move the camera a little and at least try to get the reflection to not continue the line. Do something to remove that little rectangle reflection, too.

The render quality looks fine to me, however I think the lighting / exposure needs some tweaking.

Have you tried using lightgen to setup your world lighting/exposure?

i’m afraid no matter where the camera is, it’d still be a line

It could at least be minimized.

My main issue was the noise on the wall, as you zoom in it is more clear.

Thanks for you feedback. I will tweak those settings!

Noise just means that not enough light photos have hit the camera - which means you perhaps aren’t getting enough light into your scene.
Think about how your phone takes grainy pictures in the dark - it’s the exact same thing.
You can change some lighting settings add more lights or you can leave the render running longer to try and capture more photons.

Can you share the file, I’m sure someone can make some extra setup reccomendations.

The denoiser should have taken care or it - have you tried the other options that are there?