Matching renders V Ray

Hi, new sketchup user here. Im working on a file that was peviously worked on by someone else. Im trying to match ny V ray renders to theirs. This is theirs. Mine comes out dark and grainy. Any tips?

Here is mine. Its darker, lower quality. How can i make it consistent with the previous render?

I’m assuming you’re not able to contact them directly for the answers. How familiar with V-Ray are you? Are you setting your exposure values in the Camera Settings or adjusting post-render in the Frame Buffer?

You can adjust the exposure up and highlight burn down to brighten the image up.

Re: quality - note that your render is 800 px wide and theirs is 2000 px wide. That should make a big difference bumping up. Also your image is ‘noisy’. Enable the Denoiser tool in the Asset editor prior to rendering. I like to use the ‘mild’ setting as sometimes it can look too smooth and remove small details.

Hey Eric would you also know how to remove the irregular shadows in the rendering?

That way its like this

Can you show a screenshot with a markup indicating what ‘irregular shadows’ you’re referring to? or better yet, upload your model to an online drive like Dropbox and post a link here.

Im rendering another room currently and its here as well.