Kitchen Interior

Thought I’d share with you a few images for a current project of mine. A bit of cc is welcome. And yes I need to include a background yet but struggling to get this right.

Hope you like


Hi. I love your shots. Is this with the new V-Ray? It’s been a long time since I made a rendering myself. The first thing that caught my eye (besides the missing background, which you’ll add) is the scale of the wooden floor. I don’t feel comfortable looking at it. Maybe try to reduce the scale by 50%, meaning 2 times?

You know, I know a person who, by looking at a rendering or design, can say if it’s been done by a man or a woman. I think I understand them now. There is no organic “wave” shape in the scene. Like, in this shot of mine, I deliberately put a windy-wavy curtain there, because without a curve, the scene looks too “sharp” and a bit unnatural and unwelcoming.

Also - I’m sure you’ve heard of Mr. Rule of Thirds, haha. I actually made 2 shots of this rendering that I’ve shared, one with the rule, one without. I have to say, it does change the view quite dramatically, if applied correctly.

Also - plants, plants, plants. My subconscious is roaming around the scene looking for nature.

And lastly, interesting article 1, interesting article 2 and interesting article 3. :blush:

By the way, @Scooter, I forgot to mention this. This might interest you. There’s an upcoming webinar.