Help on realism

Hello there, Ive been practising photorealistic rendering quite a bit recently and would love to get some feedback as to how I can make my scene even more realistic. (or maybe Ive been looking at it for too long haha) Let me know what you think.


It’s not bad really. Most of the light is coming from outside the room to the left and being reflected around mostly from the floor which makes the bottom of the subject brighter than the top, but that’s not unrealistic. The recessed down lights don’t appear to be turned on, but the under cabinet lights are.

As an aside, regarding real world kitchen lighting, all my career I’ve had arguments with electricians over the location of undercabinet lighting. They want to install it hard against the wall as you have it here, but I like it to be as far forward to the front of the cabinet as possible (a light rail often limits that). Hard against the wall can really highlight a backsplash material texture (you don’t have one here though), but backlights anything on the countertop. Bringing the undercab lights forward lights the subject on the counter better. Also, I like recessed downlights just in front of the upper cabinets, but not past the edge of counter so as to illuminate the works surface. Recessed lighting in the middle of a kitchen lights the floor instead, and when you stand at the counter, makes your body cast a shadow on what you’re doing.


Add handles to the doors, drawers, add some electrical sockets, halogen ceiling lights are too flat. Maybe turn them on? You can add a little noise on the walls, take out a little reflection from the kitchen counter.

In general, the walls between the cabinets should be more reflective because they are waterproof, so … either tiles or some kind of board …


Actually, the doors and drawers don’t make real world sense. A good exercise for this is @eric-s V-Ray for Interiors lesson on SketchUp Campus. He talks about the real world gaps between doors etc. When you model for just a SketchUp drawing with dimensions, perfectly butted cabinets are appropriate, but for V-Ray, you have to model all the actual gaps that happen - 1/16" ~ 3/8" or a few mm for the last door to the wall or the uppers to the ceiling etc. Modeling for V-Ray is truly another level of detail beyond just drafting.


This makes an incredible amount of sense (the under cabinet and downlight lighting) I will be updating my scene. Many thanks !

Ive watched this course before, but will look more closely about the cabinet gaps. I did these cabinets from pinterest, they do look exactly like this, but I will be sure to watch the sketchup lessons again! Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback!

No backsplash? The upper cabinet on the left next to the Pantry cabinets seems like it needs a return back to the wall on the right hand side unless it is the same cabinet and the door is open or off. floor material is nice but if it is terrazo the scale might be a bit large. I agree with the earlier post that the doors need gaps or something to define them better, It looks like flush panels and not doors or drawers, the lower base to the right of the sink looks like really long drawers.

Thanks !!! will correct