Rendering Help! Lighting not good, hazy, 'glowing' in weird places

I’m new to V-Ray rendering and I have been researching and watching tutorials more than I have been sleeping. I’m really lost, and would really appreciate if anyone can help me out?!

Initially, my scene was super dark and I couldn’t get it lit up. I set up rectangle lights (probably too many), played with the time of day and did all that. In the Interactive mode, it looks pretty well lit to me, but then when I turn that off to get the final render - the image doesn’t look the same. It is much darker, and then where there are supposed to be shadows (i.e., behind the fridge, gaps of the drawers), there is instead a ‘glow’.

As well as that, my image is… meh. It isn’t very clear (like all the other renders I have seen), it is blurry, hazy and just not up to scratch.

I really think I need some personalised help! Can anyone give me some clues as to what I am doing wrong? What settings I should be selecting? And if it should be a little more straight forward than placing a dozen rectangle lights everywhere?

I can’t figure out how to upload the file, as it appears to be too big… If there are any suggestions as to how to upload, that would be great!



More renders…

Revert to Default Render Settings in V-ray settings, delete all your lights from your model

Follow this tutorial from Chaos:

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Thank you for your reply. This is a tutorial I have already watched and followed along with the settings he suggested. This was the result haha. I’m a noob. And nothing really seems to be working.

Hi Kimmy,
You need to understand how lighting works to create photorealistic renders. There’s essentially three types of light for interior scenes
Primary Light (Main Light)
Secondary Light (To soften shadows, etc)
Accent Lights (for Depth & Interest)

I teach this & how to apply it the right way in interior scenes in my course. You can find the links on my profile. It’s the sketchup & vray course for Interior design.


If you are very sure that you followed that tutorial step by step and it didn’t work, then maybe there is something wrong with your model. Did you create it correctly?
Otherwise, check that you may have missed some detail from the tutorial.