Help with Lighting

Good Day all, I am doing a interior project and I am at the rendering stage I have always used blender for everything so this is all very new but I have a lighting feature and I have put rectangle light I have put it at full intensity and yet it does nothing to light up my interior not even the spotlights so very confused weather im using them correctly or there’s a setting im missing ? thanks.

also the glass is not working properly…

Move the lights a little down, in front of the ceiling (now they seem to be inside it) and try again to render.
And check Invisible.

ill give it a go thanks

I did that to no avail but I turned ‘no decay’ on which worked for 2 mins until sketch up crashed

Change Units from Default (Scalar) to Radiant power (W).

ok perfect that has seemed to do the job thank you so much !

one more thing if you look to the right where the glass is it seems warped any fix for this thanks

Looking at the first and last image you posted , what you think is warped glass actually is a curtain I think ? Suppose you would need to adjust settings for the curtain material or remove altogether?

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Check to make sure that your glass face is not reversed. You can also apply a thickness to it so that neither side is reversed. See example:

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yeah that definatly seems to be the problem ill have a look to see if I can reverse it thanks a lot

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No problem. This happens to me occasionally which reminds me to check for reversed faces as I go to avoid issues later :wink: Good luck.