Glass windows acting all funky!


This is my first time using SketchUp and I have an issue with my windows after rendering in VRAY that I’m not sure how to fix. First of all, ignore the mountains, I’m working on it haha! But why does the exterior image look different in all three window panes and then when you spin your view, they act like mirrors? I thought I applied a normal glass material but I’m not quite sure what’s happening. I’ve attached some images too - hopefully you can see them. If someone knows the answer and could respond asap, that would be great because this room is due for class tonight! Thanks :slight_smile:

Looks like the wrong index of refraction. What glass material did you use?

Hello, Can you check if some glass panels have a thickness ? (->2 faces) and also check face orientation ?

90% sure it was just VRAY’s Glass Window Neutral material and I just selected the face and applied it to the selection. Nothing fancy, I didn’t mess with anything too much.

Here’s a zoomed-in image of the window section. Could you tell me how to check for those things? I’m still pretty new!

Hard to tell exactly from the screen shot but it looks like it’s way too thick. I would try deleting the outside face of the glass and see if that works better.

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A general thoughl in rendering. If you don’t need it for the reflections, do you need to model the glass in a window at all?

Yes, it alters the light

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I just ended up deleting the panes just since I’m on a deadline and it’s just a 100 level art class, not much of a worry. But I appreciate your help! I’ll look into working with those ideas later!