My interior renders and furniture models

Hello! In this topic I’m going to share with you my most interesting renders and models. For rendering I use V-Ray now, but worked in SU Podium before. For modeling I use Artisan a lot and some other plugins. If you have any questions, please let me know!


OMG! They’re so realistic. Are these 2 done in V-Ray or Podium? I work with V-Ray but I’m never satisfied with my results. Great job! :thumbsup:

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Thank you very much:) It’s V-Ray. Podium isn’t much worse in quality, but with a lot of limitations in settings and material properties. Podium is much easier to use though.


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Very, very nice.

Thanks for your comments:)

Wow great pic. well done

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V-Ray 360° panorama render 2 - Indoor - Panoramic Image

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Nice pano, the wobbling horizon irritates a bit though.

Thank you for the advice Cotty, I’ve rerendered it with a two point perspective, now seems to be ok:)

Yes, it is!

Amazing work! I am just incorporating sketchup and vray into my business designs. How much time would you say it takes to render a picture of that quality?

Depends on your PC, maybe around 2 hours.

How many hours do you think you have in the entire model?

Days, not hours. It’s allmost all modeled from references.

How long have you been using the software? My goal is to deliver similar quality to my clients and I’m just trying to get a feel for what it will take to get there.

Some new renders and models. The models are made for my first Video Course about Artisan Organic Modeling just published on Udemy. And here is a 100% FREE coupon for everybody interested

Good rendering!!

Thank you :grinning:

Wow very nice . Hi I am beginner in sketch up + vray rendering wanted to know how u actual do it with vray so realistic .Hope that I can learn from you more.