Complete Interior designing & Visualization for 1BHK House

This Project was done for a client in which I did a complete Interior designing, Visualization and Rendering for 1BKH House in Spain. It includes Bedroom, Bathroom, Modular Kitchen, Living room and 3D Floor plan for better visualization. I used Sketchup to developed all this and then rendered it with Vray. Some of these furnitures are modeled by me as per client requirement and some are straight from 3Dwarehouse.

If you guys have any residential or commercial project, feel free to contact me.
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Super cool stuff Mr. Waleed! Super cool. Hope you find the work you need.


Nice Work!
Can you tell us about the Rendertimes and what machine you used for Rendering? I´m Rendering with Lumion (only GPU). Here are some examples: My Architectural Drawings, Renderings and Animations
Rendertimes are very short - per Shot less than 10 seconds with Nivida GTX 1080 / 1920 x 1080 px.

But in the future I want to check out Vray, to get more accurate Results. But I also have concerns about the Rendertimes.

Hi dear, Hope and pray that you are doing great. I’ve checked your work, It is on the next level. Awesome work. I used SketchUp and Vray. My each render take upto 1 hour because I am having potato PC. Haha. But I think both Vray and Lumion are great. Vray gives a bit more realistic visuals during interior work and closeup shots. But Lumion is great for exterior work and animations. I will definitely give it a shot after upgrading my PC.

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Thanks a lot!
Potato PC? :grin: I will bookmark this term.
Which CPU is working inside your PC?
Yes Lumion (or Enscape, which is similar) is worth a look because of fast Renderings only with GPU. Furthermore you can walk across your designs in real-time with all furniture, shadows turned on etc.

I can’t even imagine how much time have you put into this. As I’m into finding someone who will do similar project for my apartment, this is really encouraging as I can see how many details you can do…
Anyway, great work!

Thank you dear for the compliment. It took me 2 weeks to develop all this. It can be done in a single week. But you know client always requires many revisions and changes that is why we spent 2 weeks on this project.