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R+D Center for Clean Technology
Let me know what you think/what I can improve on.


Well renderings styles can be very subjective. Personally I prefer doing realistic renderings so there is more information from the drawing but if you were aiming for a more conceptual style, then you definitely pulled it off.

Thanks for the feedback! I typically prefer conceptual renderings due to the fast nature of the drawings. I find these fast renders better illustrate the concept of the project. They both definitely have their advantages.

Yeah definitely. What did you use to render it? I really love the artistic style you’ve produced.

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Podium and Photoshop for post. What did you use for your 5th year project?

Ooh very nice, I should try Podium out.
I used vray and Photoshop

3D Section Perspective/Detail


Oh man I love it! I can see your artistic style carried over from your previous rendering. How do you get that kind of texture on your materials? Are they overlays you did in Photoshop?

Yes. I usually use a wood texture with high contrast to achieve the “weathered look”. I either overlay or color burn the texture depending on what I’m trying to do. Ill try to find and attach the texture later today.

EDIT: Found the texture.

Oh very nice! Thanks for sharing the texture! I’ll try to use this in my future renderings to see if I can make it look as good as yours :sweat_smile:

I have to compliment you on your rendering. I am an architect and do not care for photo realistic renderings at all. I am always looking for quality renderings and you have certainly accomplished that. Congrats!


@ksarch_CDG_TSA_2 Thank you that’s great to hear!

The south elevation of the original project I posted to this topic.
R+D Center for Clean Technology


Program and Passive Strategies Diagram
SketchUp + Zorro V2 + Podium + Photoshop


Is it me or does the roof line look like it isn’t straight in the first image?

The terrain is sloping, and the lack of detail makes the eye see it as a horizontal plane, creating an optical illusion. I too see it.


Are you referring to this? Seems I’ve seen this type of anomaly in renders before.

That side of the building steps out creating a funnel shape.

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Just started a Fiverr for renderings/modeling and miscellaneous design work.

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