Presentation Drawings - Office/Warehouse

Just finalizing up a new design for an Office/Warehouse. Developed the illustration from “PSO Vignette” Style (Assorted Styles collection) Thanks SketchUp!


Great design! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

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Thank you.
Another view with some landscaping.


Trees always make the presentation better :clap::clap:

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Happy Birthday! Like the style. Lovely work.

Thank you @Rightangler.
Appreciate your kind wishes.

Almost a month has elapsed since OP and wanted to share updated drawings, which now have landscape architecture planning incorporated.



Looking better & better!

Thank you @Rightangler. Project is moving along quite nicely.

Basically I like them but I would have left out the “fog or smoke”. In the interior image it makes me think about a house on fire and it also seems odd in the outside scenes that otherwise bathe in clear sunlight.

Hi @Anssi, thanks for your comments. Good to hear different perspectives. In follow up I will investigate the Style options some more.

To elaborate, the coloured pencils effect in your images is very nice but the blurry vignetting sort of contradicts it as it is really a photographic technique and cannot be achieved with colour pencils. An old fashioned hand renderer might be able to lighten his pencil strokes toward the edges of the image if wanted but the effect would look quite different.

I agree, the colored pencils/watercolor and blurry vignette effect are a mixture of techniques, importantly for myself, I find the vignette quality very appealing, as it draws my eye to the center of the composition and emphasizes the four outward corners as peripheral. How to merge/reconcile the two stylistic approaches, is something I will give further thought to. Having studied and matured during the ‘analog’ days of colored pencils, watercolor and 35mm film, the digital arts our a continuing journey of discovery and exploration. I appreciate your thoughts and comments, and also hope our correspondence helps others with their presentations.