Sharing my Architectural Work #1

It’s taken a while to get to the point where I’m using SU and LO exclusively to create models and documentation. As you will see I’m keeping things in a monochrome format and this carries through on my documentation. I will share some of the Construction Documents in the near future. Here you can see the striking resemblance between the model and



A lot of activity on this forum is pure and simple SketchUp modeling, but I love seeing the comparison of SketchUp models and their real world, built counterparts. Thanks for sharing.


Wow thats awesome, must be great watching something you design become reality!

Thanks so much @RTCool @liamk887 I’m really glad I found this forum.


These are sweet, the first one I thought was a render, until I clicked it!

Nice job Christopher!

you cannot underestimate the productivity value of everyone seeing a 3d model in understanding a design as opposed to 2D orthographic documents…lovely work…

everyone = the client, the approval authority, the project manager, construction manager, the contractor, the subbies, the marketing team… your mother…


Very nice work! Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Would be nice if you show us some of your construction Documents!


In our parts it would be impossible to get such a neat photograph of a finished but not yet occupied house. The environment tends to be unfinished with rests of building materials lying around when the residents already move in, especially when the client is the owner.


Looks like I might have to break it down. I tried dropping a PDF in here and they are too big.

Having worked as a Draughtsman for over 40 years, I concur.

Wind the clock back a couple of decades, and most people working in the construction industry design offices could read a set of drawings, however nowadays I’ve worked with graduate engineers who cannot follow a set of construction drawings, much to my dismay.

When I’m preparing a set of construction drawings for a home renovation project, I’ll frequently include a couple of renders to simplify the explanation of a detail because, as you say it makes the processes so much more straight forward.


what a pity.
Are you doing all your construction documents in SketchUp?

I agree, but… you need to use VR if you really want to blow away your clients. Once you tried VR, you understand that this is the only way to feel the real space before it’s built. I can recommend Enscape3d ( which works perfectly together with SketchUp. It creates VR from you SketchUp models with just one click!

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Guy, which VR-Glasses are you using?
I tried VR once (with HTC Vive, Gaming/VR-Demos on Steam), ca. one year ago. Basically I was blown away, but i also thought that the resolution was to small. But I want to get in to it in the future.

I have a Vive and agree the resolution is not ideal, however I recently had the chance to trial a HMD with 5k resolution and 170 degrees field of view. I think it’s excellent for architecture and Product Design and has built in eye and hand tracking. It was called the XTAL.


I use the HTC Vive in combination with Enscape. Indeed the resolution can be better, but you need the power to drive this better resolution.

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Yes I am now.

@Ccaponigro, nice work. Very interested to hear about your construction docs production in LayOut!

Very Nice! I am working in a architectural office as a draftsman/construction technician/3d-modeler, not with SketchUp, but with Allplan, which is a very mighty software and very common in Germany/Europe. But I´m dotty about SketchUp (:sweat_smile: I´m a german guy and I hope this means the right thing - I just meant I like SketchUp very much). So i´m interested in doing not only the 3d-modeling but also the documents with it. Do you use CondocTools or something like this? Or did you setup your own organisation?

Thanks for Replies liamk887 and Guy. I guess I go into VR in 2019.

For my construction documents I developed Skalp.
In LO I only need to place text and dimensions. Almost no need of stacking viewports in LO.


Thanks! I just started working with LO and I will definitely take a look at Skalp!