Sharing Some Work

Hello there SketchUp community. I’ve been a longtime reader of this forum but don’t think I’ve ever posted anything. Can’t thank you folks enough for all the great info on here - and all th plugins. I’ve been drafting in Autocad, Revit, Chief Architect off and on for the last 15 years but SketchUp has always been my go to program for showcasing my work. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and share some work. Any and all feedback appreciated. Below are a couple of projects Ive modeled from around the Lowcountry of SC where I live and work. Let me know what ya think.


Heres a few more…


Very nice work. Lots of nice little details in these.

Thanks Eric. The first batch came in at a pretty low resolution. I may try to edit this post and re-upload at a higher res in the near future.

Love it! Thanks for sharing