15 Ave. De la Ribera

15 Ave. De la Ribera.
I didn’t finish the house with the 30 day free trial of SketchUp Pro 2015 but thanks to Wo3Dan (again) I downloaded SketchUp Make 2015 which had layer controls, the SketchUp Viewer at this time does not so I rescued my .SKP file from DropBox limbo & was able to use SnagIt screen Capture to get these beautiful isometric renderings of the unfinished drawings. Thanks to every one at Trimble & SketchUp, I am confident I’ll be able to finish the project (already done in AutoCAD) even without the extensive, & impressive warehouse finishes. I hope everyone enjoys these first time SketchUp images as much as I d

I have also posted this project on my Facebook site Redirecting... where I endeavor to keep up with all the latest technology & eek out a living. Best regards, Heinz Stapff


Case sensitive link?

You can still finish the model in SketchUp Make. Most of the tools are available (only a few are missing) and there are so many plugins to help you out.

p.s. impressive nice model you got there.

Thanks Wo3Dan, got Make & am well on the way to a finishing. How important is it to post the whole model? I assume a link to the Dropbox folder placed in a reply might do the whole model though it seems a link to a SnagIt video capture on facebook might kick two birds in the head with one stone. Also TrueView drawing viewer (Autodesk) is only exporting .DWFx files that are not compatible with the SU Make 2015. Maybe AutoCAD 360 might be able to export the correct .DWF format? What .DWF format is SU make importing? Another post maybe.