Rotated Rectangle Tutorial (SketchUp 2015)


For those diving into the new SketchUp 2015, I created a tutorial going over the new rotated rectangle tool. You can find it at or watch the video below. I created a PDF guide showing all the possible VCB inputs with this tool, (There are many!!) you can download it on my website.


This may come to be the roof designer’s go to tool. I’d point out that roof pitches can be entered as: x:12, or x:17,
Note the coma separator, your separator may vary.



Just got 2015 Pro installed and adding the few plug-ins I have accumulated. I started with SU 8 and got 2013 Pro 1 year .edu license that expired. I hated trying to install .rbz files and now with auto-load feature from SketchUcation. I installed Fredo6 tools that I feared attempting in the passed, in seconds. Just nice to see it improve and the quality of available help and support YOU all provide. I know this next year will only get better as my fumbling around has developed into serious practice and results. …Peace…