Rotated Rectangle Tool


Hello all…New to Sketchup…Just downloaded the Pro Trial version and taking the test drive. After messing around with this tool, noticed that when using direct entry, the angle and length values need to be entered in reverse. I did send in a bug report…Quite frankly, as long as it is consistent, I can live with this, but wanted to know if there is in fact a patch for this one somewhere. My current build is 17.1.174 64-bit


Quite frankly, perhaps you should spend a little time getting to know the software before you try bug fixing.


I am looking forward to “getting to know the software”. On this topic, I have watched videos for this tool and in all cases, the entries were straight forward…angle first, length second. I could not, however, duplicate this on my end. Is there some default setting I need to change?


Read this topic for (possibly) related information:


Thank you Wo3Dan…I see I’m not alone with this issue.


For everyone’s benefit, from the other thread, multiple sages confirm there is a bug:

… and …

So snarky comments telling the new user to “get to know the software” before reporting bugs is uncalled for, and condescending !


Yes @DanRathbun in this case you are quite right as there is in fact a bug that I was unaware of, so @evergreen I apologise for my earlier post, it was uncalled for.

However my overreaction was due to the rather frequent posts by new users wanting the software to be rewritten so it conforms to the way they think it should work rather than taking the time to learn how it does work.