Rotated Rectangle 2017

I was wondering, my version of SketchUp 2017 for rotated rectangle you have to type the first length, then the angle, than the second length. But I know with other versions you no longer have to type the angle. Is there a way to change this so you don’t have to type the angle?

There isn’t any way to change the function of the Rotated Rectangle tool in SU2017. Why not just update to SU2019?

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Good to know, thanks. I can live with it, just figured I’d check. I haven’t updated because besides the rotated rectangle tool I don’t notice any difference (from the tools I use) from 2017 to 2019. Plus I paid for the full license in 2017, I don’t want to move towards a subscription based license and have no need to purchase the 2019.


Do you use LayOut?

You don’t have to move to a subscription based license if you upgrade to 2019.

As long as 2017 does the job, though, go for it.

I don’t, if I did then I’d update because I know there are a lot of new features for Layout. I know you can still buy a classic license for 2019, but 2017 is just as good :+1:t2: