Reloaded 2017 on new PC - It wont let me use my subscripton

I have sketchup 2020 and I still have and use sketchup 2017. I have rebuilt my PC and re downloaded 2020 and 2017. As a result 2017 will not let me use it on my licence, only 30 day trial. I use 2017 layout because Layout 2020 is flawed and does not do what I need it to do.
I need help somehow to solve this issue.
This seems to be the only way to contact Sketchup???


I see that you sent in a fresh email to ask about this. Apparently that gets closed out, because it seems like an unrelated topic in reply to an ancient case. Starting a new case here would make it seem like a new issue:

I made a change in your 2017 license, and you will be able to activate it again, at least for the near future.

Do you keep up with 2020 updates, like the one from a week ago? Hopefully 2020 will catch up with the abilities of 2017 some day.

Hi Colin,

Thanks for the reply.

The problem with that link is that I don’t have a serial number that would allow me to explain the issue I was having.

As far as the updates, (not being a completely savvy computer nerd) I would assume that 2020 automatically updates. For what I use Sketchup for ( mostly layout) I do revisit the 2020 program intermittently to see if the features I use on 2017 have been changed in 2020.



The support page is expecting you to log in with your current serial number, or the email you use for a subscription. You have a serial number that starts with VA, you can use that, and still ask us a question about an SA license.

Did you try your 2017 license? It should activate ok.

I did try the SA licence number and it didn’t like it. Okay, signing in using my Va and asking a question makes sense. Thanks.

I did get a reply from someone I emailed from last time and she has given me a serial number for my 2017 so , a good outcome, even with hours lost lol

I guess you submitted at least two requests. Funnily, Katya did exactly what I had done, one minute after I had already done it.

Lol, Thanks for the help anyway, I was kinda frustrated and in a fix!

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