Phone number for sketchup? having freezing issues

I tried looking online and can’t find a phone number for sketchup, does anyone have it?? I want the the SU 2017 version back but it will not allow me to reinstate my license. I did a full clean sweep of the computer thinking I had other issues when it was clearly the 2018 version that is the problem. Now I did NOT remove the license when I uninstalled it, did I screw myself by not removing and uninstalling other 2017 and 2018 versions by loosing a seat??


Here’s link to technical support.

Here’s a link to the SketchUp Licensing Troubleshooter.

if you activate version 2018 you cannot activate older versions again. Fully sweeping you system has wiped out the SU v2017 license file, with a backup of the state before you might be able to recover the according lic. file and copy to the appropriate directory to get version 2017 working again.

Support is able to reactivate an old version too.

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and you may want descibe the issues you are affected by, can maybe be solved e.g. by installing a recent graphics card driver version (see “Win+R > dxdiag > Display > Device / Driver”).

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