License SketchUp Pro2017 not working

I think I am having a not very interesting but very common problem.
I bought a license, I installed it on my sketchup pro 2017 but it keeps working on trial version.
I have tried everything the website advice to do: uninstall and install, check i have the right serial number… But the problem still here. Any idea? Did this happen to someone? And how did you fix it?
Thanks for all

It’s best to contact SketchUp support to help solve your problem. This is just the forum where anyone and everyone can suggest anything without any guarantees.

Hi Julian! Thanks for your answer. This is exactly what I did but I still have no answer by the moment, so I was curious to check if it happened to anyone else ^^
Thanks. Have a nice day!

what exactly is the problem, i.e. what happens inputting your license data in the license dialog?

Be aware, that SU license data is version specific, i.e. license data for SU version 2017 won’t work with SU v2016 (or older).

Licensing Trouble Shooter
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thanks for your answer (sorry for my late answer) the sketchup team finally fix it, it was a problem from my computer

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