sketchUp Pro 2017 - applying license to new computer issue

I have an issue applying my sketch pro license on my new computer. I have been trying to solve this issue for nearly a couple of weeks and its killing me, I’m hoping you can help or you can put me in contact with someone who can help?

Here is what I have dne step by step so you can maybe see what is causing the issue.

I uninstalled the sketchup pro 2017 on the old computer
I installed sketchup pro 2017 and applied the existing serial # and authorization code. I received a message saying that license was not valid.
I googled what to do and noticed I needed to remove the old license off the old computer.
I reinstalled sketchup pro 2017 on the old computer and ‘removed’ the license
I tried again to add the license on the new computer and recieved the same ‘not valid’ message.
I contact sketch up support and was told that it should work so I should try uninstalling the software and doing it again.
I carried out the un-installation, restating my computer, installing the software and adding the license maybe 3 times now and each time I get the same message

Is there anything else I can try?

Thanks in advance!

Have a look here. Baz managed to fix his problem that was being caused by text formatting.

Thanks for sharing this info, I forgot to mention that I had received this tip from sketchup support also and I have tried it a few times with no luck…

be aware, that the SUP license data is version specific, i.e. license data of version 2016 (or older) won’t activate the recent SUP version… for SUP v2017 your serial number should start with “S…”.

Also, don’t use the extended product activation dialog (with the big text window) but copy & paste (don’t type) to the default single text lines of serial no and auth. code.

Under Windows launch SUP by “right-click > Run as Admin…” and ensure an active internet connection for doing this.

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