Unable to activate SketchUp Pro 2017. Not interested to update it to annual license


I purchased Sketchup Pro 2017 and was using it intermittently, but not in the last year.
After new installation, It does not accept my license/activation code. Tried to “retrieve” my license via email, but it tells me to upgrade (pay more), which I am not interested to do.

How can I activate 2017 license?

Thank you

What does the message say?
Did you remove the license from the old machine?
You are allowed to install on two machines.
If you bought the license in 2017, you might be entitled for the upgrade to 2018 (classic license+one year maintenance)
Check your email.
The 2017 license starts with ‘S’, the 2018 with ‘T’

The message when I enter license and authorization code says:

That didn’t look like valid licensing info…
check your license info and try entering it again?"

My license number does start with S (and I have 2016 license as well as that starts with R) - neither works.

When I try to recover license using registered email, it sends me the same serial number, but starting with Q (I assume 2019 version for which I’ll have to pay to upgrade)

I may have not remove the license from the old machine and do not have access to it.

But I do not have it installed on more than 1 machine

The letters are sequential. T is 2018, S is 2017, R is 2016, Q is 2015. Prior to that was a bit different, but on the same lines. Poor O got left out, most likely because of confusion issues with zero.

If you use the license manager to retrieve your license, after already having a 2017 license, getting told Q is not right, something went wrong.

Click on my avatar and use the message feature, to tell me what name or email was used on the licenses, and I’ll find your latest license.

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